ACNE oversized sweater ASOS black trousers FRONT ROW SHOP leather strap cap

Blogger friends: besides talking non-stop about fashion, sushi and drinking a lot of tea together it’s always great to have someone around you with an amazing style – and the opportunity to borrow some amazing clothes. Sietske is one of them! A sweet and beautiful girl with a fantastic style and where I share some great Paris and London memories with. Once in a while we like to share some time together again to catch up and to shoot (outfit) photo’s – like we did last week. And this is the result! Do you like it?
Sietske was so sweet to borrow her cosy Acne oversized sweater because I wasn’t feeling that well and I was in need of a warm sweater. Together with a mug filled with my favorite tea (read: blossom green tea) it was the perfect day to stay in while fall is in full swing outside. I’m seriously thinking about getting this sweater too because it could be my lifesaver when the temperature drops to minus 10 soon. What do you think?

ph/ by Sietske edited by me