BRONX black leather stud ankle boots / COSTES furry keychain /
COMEGETFASHION black chain bag + marble iphone case/ ROTARY silver & gold watch

Fall has officially entered out lives and it’s finally time to wear that warm and teddy coat again (and I don’t mind it makes me 10 times bigger). Besides this all I’m also creating a love for new items and I couldn’t wait to share them with you. Like these boots from Bronx that got quite a fun story. Actually I owned a similar pair of these studded ankle boots but I wore them so much that I really had to throw them away a few weeks ago. Becaus I love this style so much I couldn’t wait to get these similiar ones. I’m a happy girl. Last weekend I wore them together with this cute bag (via Comegetfashion) and they are the best match. Besides this I also finally could wear this Rotary watch because I had to make it smaller and it’s the perfect armpiece to style it with gold and silver jewellery. It’s a favorite!
Do you already have some favorites this season too? Let me know…