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When you worked out at least 2 times a week and enjoyed doing it, it’s quite a change when you can’t do anything. Due to my knee injury I wasn’t able to do my normal work-out routine or just do anything because I was totally exhausted. Drained by all the mental and fysical changes that was hard to accept. Luckily I’m doing a bit better now and step by step I’m learning how to walk and bike again. No squats for me but there’s so much I can do again and mostly I’m doing them from my home – of course dressed up in my favorite Jogha outfit (they’ve got some nice discounts right now!) with a pair of new sneakers. Check down below for more of my tips to get fit at home…

1. Drink water
One of the easiest steps to get fitter is looking at your nutrition to see if it’s healthy enough. We all live in a world were sugar is added to almost everything and our favorite drinks are just a sugarbomb. So one of the first steps to a healthier lifestyle is drinking more water through the day. This can be plain water, but you also can add some fruit to it – lemon is my favorite – to give it something extra. Drinking tea is also a really option but it’s good to check the ingredients and go for a natural one as possible.

2. Work out with your own body weight
Sometimes we think we need to lift heavy weights or work out on those crazy machines at the gym to see results but this is so not true. Working out with you own bodyweight can make a difference too. When you add work-outs like planking, sit-ups or squats you can really make a routine that will have affect.

3. Combine it with chores
Getting fit doesn’t mean you only need to do work-outs to get fitter. With some daily activities you can create some muscles too. Add some weights to it or set a limited time for certain chores to pump up your heartbeat. And of course, choosing the stairs or bike in any situation is always a good idea!

4. Don’t surround yourself with bad food
When you work out at home, you know you get hungry at some point and filling your kitchen full of bad food makes it so much harder. Get rid off all the bad options and only buy the healthy options so you don’t get tempted to indulge in a bar of chocolate, chips or sweets. Instead you can buy a bunch of yummy fruit at the market – strawberries, blueberries, bananas are my favorite – and make a yummy bowl of fruit or smoothie.

5. Get online inspiration
Of course, you can buy an expensive program or book to get fitter but you’ll be surprised how much there’s to find on the world wide web. From workouts you can follow on Youtube or fitness programs on Pinterest that show you what to do for a stronger body. Just get into to it and make a program yourself.

I’m wearing Jogha Reckless Long Tights + Nike Free Run Flyknit sneakers (via JD Sports