So. You’re quite busy these days and haven’t found time get some gifts for you loved ones – understandable of course. So together with the boy we selected a last-minute gift guide for him/her to get inspired.

And of course, mostly these are items I already own or know they are a great gift to give. These days are here to spread love and peace and in the end it’s not about the items itself but about the gesture. I always find it so amazing when somebody knows exactly what I want/need or just makes me super happy!

gift guide for him/her - bose soundlink, cluse watch, dutch dandies bow tie -

gift guide for him/her - cluse watch, marble -


Bose Soundlink Colour Speaker / The perfect gift for a guy who loves music and wants to play all the time and everywhere. With this Bose Speaker with bluetooth connection you can put your favorite music on speakers. When you’re on your way of during a day at the park in spring.
Cluse watch / Actually this is a womens watch but I think it’s also quite suitable for men. This watch with a mix of silver mesh and white is perfect for and her.
Dutch Dandies bow tie / The perfect gift when your guy needs a bow tie for that special occasion or just want one for in case. This blue with white one is perfect several kinds of suits.

gift guide for him/her - cluse wathch, & other stories fragrance, ginger wishes bodyspray -

gift guide for him/her - Punk Bouquet Eau de Toilette & handcream -


& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Eau de Toilette & handcream /This my Christmas gift I bought for myself during my trip to London. From the moment & Other Stories announced their new fragrance line I knew I had to check it out. Perfect for ladies who love unique scents.
Cluse watch / Just like for the guy this could be the perfect gift for her who’s looking for a nice minimal watch.
& Other Stories Ginger Wishes body spray / Oh gosh! I already own the entire Ginger Wishes line (scrub, bodycream and shampoo) and this body spray makes this all complete.