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Bum bags, fanny packs or belt bags. And whatever you can call them. But I think you know what I’m talking about. These really practical bags go back to my teenage years in the 90’s (oh, what do I feel old right now) where I stocked all my marbles in. Oh, what did I love shooting marbles and I still had my hopes up of becoming the master of marbles of my school one day. But hey, let’s stop bringing up memories and talk about bum bugs right now.

With the upcoming festival season I got the urge of bringing this unique bags into my wardrobe. A bit of a spontaneous splurge and a bit of a risky decision when you prefer buying timeless pieces. But hey, sometimes you need to try new things to know if it’s fits your style. While browsing around online on a sunday morning I found several bags at my favorite online shops but in the end they weren’t quite my style. So, what’s my next option? Vintage shopping, of course!

Before I knew it I clicked home these two cuties in two totally different styles and received them the next day. I challenged myself to style these two beauties in two totally different looks that will be up on the blog very soon – part 1 will be up tomorrow! But all this rambling makes me super curious to hear your opinion about bum bags and if you already have one in your collection. Share your thoughts…

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