The Sneakers I Wear This Spring

When it comes to footwear I’m really a sneaker lover. As a true tomboy I’m not going to try to wear heels anymore and my focus is mainly on flat shoes, ankle boots and sneakers. I’m still so happy it has become so much more accepted to wear sneakers with every look. You’ll see them styled with fancy dresses till stylish suits. It’s all good this season.

For the new Spring season I’ve been browsing around and sneakers are present more than ever. With designer labels that are launching it-sneakers like crazy I knew I needed to update my collection with a few new pieces. After wearing white sneakers for several years I wanted to go for more color and something more bold. The place to go for the perfect online shopping spree was Omoda and while getting inspired by their inspiration blog I wanted to go these leopard Nubikk sneakers. I think leopard is also a style that will stay for a while. This sneaker will spice up every look for sure. In the look shown today I love how it gives a glimpse of print with the wide legged trousers.

Of course, you can get inspired by the Omoda style blog but I also would love to share some of my favorite sneaker styles this season. This Spring I would love to go for;

Chunky & platform
This year it’s all about the not so fancy Dad sneakers with a chunky sole and with no feminine vibe. Go for comfort with these shoes.

Good old white
In the end, all white sneaker are always a good idea. They are perfect for spring and can be styled in so many looks.

Retro vibes
All styles are coming back in the end, so the retro sneakers are also a good investment. Dive into your parents closet or just get your retro sneakers online.

Print mania
For years I was totally into monochrome looks and wearing color wasn’t something for me. But this year I’m more into mixing prints than ever. Go for bold, leopard or neon. It’s all good!

I’m wearing Nubikk leopard sneakers / H&M Studio knit / Forever 21 trousers