Yes, it’s time to for something new on JUST LIKE SUSHI. Music is always something I grab to when I’m happy, excited, sad or just any mood. Although I don’t have a 9 to 5 job I always like to get into the #TGIF mood. So I thought I would be fun to share my weekly #TGIF tune to get in the weekend vibe.

Thanks to sweetheart, stylist and fellow social influencer Ilanka (who also styled the music video) I came across the amazing artist Sevdaliza. The 27-year-old stunning lady was born in Iran and is now based in the Netherlands. Her music, style and appearance showcases she’s a power woman living her dream. What I love about her music is her appealing and seductive voice with baselines that go through every vain. The bit of darkness makes everything a bit mysterious which makes me even more curious about her and what she has to bring. Definitely a woman to watch!