When Pink Velvet Meets Studs

Let’s be honest! I’m not really the true festival kind of girl so I’m not keeping myself busy with the trends that comes with this all. Of course I see the trends around me – like Coachella – but in the end I just wear what I like – festival approved or not! But…when I go to a festival I always keep a few things in mind. First, what the weather will be, where the festival will be held and how long I’ll be there. And what not to forget, comfort is always key for me. When you walk and dance for hours you just don’t want to think about your blisters and painfull feet. Out of experience I know this is just a true hell. When it comes to my shoe choices it can go from sandals (sandalen via Sacha Shoes) to ankle boots. Both of these footwear are festival approved so it’s up to your personal choice where to go for.When it comes to the last one I think I just found the ultimate pair ankle boots for this season. As you know, my pink (velvet) love is endless and combined with the silver studs in these ankle boots I found my true match. I think I can style them in so many ways and later this week I’ll share with you the rest of this look. Stay tuned!

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I’m wearing Sacha pink velvet stud ankle boots