When you’re travelling it’s always a challenge to find the perfect hotel that suits you. Personally I prefer when it’s located somewhere close in the city centre, has a modern touch and has great staff that are willing to help with things. So I didn’t have to think twice to book a room at Citizen M London ‘Bankside’ for my stay in London.

I’ve been a regular customer of Citizen M – I stayed at their hotels in Amsterdam and Rotterdam – and I’ve been always amazed by their great hospitality, their breathtaking interior and coolest hotel room I’ve ever stayed at. Who can say no to a kingsize bed from wall to wall with a device to control to vibe of the entire room. Please, can I go back! To share how my stay looked like I made a recap of 24 hours at Citizen M London.

08:00 AM • Waking up in a bed I don’t want to leave. So cosy!

08:30 AM • Playing around with the light and putting some music on

09:30 AM • After a quick shower it’s time to get some yummy breakfast

10:25 AM • Checking out the amazing interior of Citizen M London before strolling around London

3:20 PM • It’s time to head back to the hotel to drop our shopping bag and have a fresh-up

3:45 PM • We’re planning to go to the O2 Arena and ordering last-minute some tickets

4:30 PM • It’s getting dark early and these lantern in the patio are the cutest. Time to grab some dinner!

This post was made in collaboration with Citizen M and Bloggernet