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Yes, let’s start with my travel stories from Jordan. I still got so much to share I really don’t know where to start. But the thing that reminds me the most of this trip are all these breathtaking views I can’t wait to share. Of course, pictures say more than words but in the end pictures don’t even come close to experiencing these views yourself.

No words can describe this amazing trip I made with influencers of all over the world together with the fantastic team of Jordan Tourism Board. Before I left I got a lot of comments about asking me if I really would be safe during this trip. And what’s the conclusion? This trip has proved that Jordan is really the safest place in the area and it has so many great things to offer that it would a shame to not visit it because other countries are in war or struggling with other politic issues. So let’s start with showing you my favorite views during my trip (in a random order)…

Views of Jordan, Dead sea - justlikesushi.com
1. Dead sea / At the end of my trip through Jordan the Dead Sea was our last location and the perfect way to end an impressive trip in a relaxed way. While staying at the huge 5-star Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea we dived into the dead sea immediatly to experience this interesting nature phenomenon. To get a good shot of the Dead Sea I got up the next day at 6.30AM to shoot this photo in the perfect morning light.

Views of Jordan, Feynan Eco Lodge - justlikesushi.com
2. Feynan eco lodge / One of the most impressive things I’ve experience is staying at the Feynan Eco Lodge which is located deep in the heart of the mountainous Dana Biosphere Reserve. This hotel is far from what I’ve experienced during my stays in hotels. This award-winning hotel is solar-powered and offers the most developed eco-experience in Jordan. Limited amount of electricity, light and wifi brings you back to nature and actually I can’t wait to spend one week here to hike and relax.

Views of Jordan, Petra, Monastry, hike view - justlikesushi.com
3. Petra hike to the Monastry / After hiking up in Petra to the Monastry I found myself relaxing at the local small bar which totally felt like a big reward – including my mint and lemon drink. Just before we headed to hike down I took this shot with the sun going down and a tree almost in the shape of a heart. So magical!

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4. Wadi Rum sunset view / Ok, by far this is my favorite shot of Jordan. I knew the Wadi Rum would be one of the highlights of this trip for me, but still I didn’t know what to expect. And so it was. This semi-desert was even more that I could ever imagine and gave me this such a calming and peaceful feeling. After a jeep ride and riding for the very first time on a camel we had a little stop at a big rock to enjoy the sunset to the fullest. No words…

Views of Jordan, Petra, Monastry, hike view - justlikesushi.com
5. Petra hike / During my hike in Petra I was walking around as a typical tourist with two camera around my neck, my phone and a big backpack with other lenses, and not to forget, my selfiestick. This hike just asks to take shots almost every meter and I’m quite proud to say I’ve overcome some of my fear for hight – and this shot as evidence!

Views of Jordan, Amman city view - justlikesushi.com
6. Amman City view / The trip around Jordan started in the bustling city Amman and during our lunch at we had a great over the city. With the bit more colder weather in this more northern city, darker clouds and blue skies alternate around and made this view even more interesting. I always like to check out cities from a higher point so you have wider view and experience it from an other perspective.

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7. Wadi Rum Bedouin camp / Before entering the wide stretched Wadi Rum on the 3rd day of my trip through Jordan, we first had a short stop at one of the Bedouin Camp to have lunch with locals. While these camps are quite basic I still find them surprisingly quite high in comfort. This time I didn’t get the chance to stay longer at this bedouin camp but since this trip this experience has climbed up high on my bucket list.

Views of Jordan, Dana Nature reserve - justlikesushi.com
8. Dana Nature Reserve / While traveling to the Dead Sea we made a stop at the Dana Nature Reserve and got an impressive view over this beautiful landscape. We heard it’s also possible to hike here and it can take up to 5-7 days to finish it. Yes, this trip to Jordan brought my love for nature back for sure.