A selfie stick. A cool tool that could be handy when it comes to shooting selfies or with a group including a cool backdrop. A while ago I couldn’t imagine myself using it in public – I can’t even normally make a selfie in public –  so how would I be able to take a stick out of my bag and start shooting selfies, right? But the impulsive girl in me got a selfie stick during one of my shopping sprees and before I knew it I was checking out how it all works.

In a new category on my blog called ‘Tech Stories’ I like to give my honest opinion about the gadgets I tested out and give you the pros and cons of it. I’m not an expert, so don’t expect super technical reviews and crazy facts. But I just talk about it and give you my honest opinion. Of course I’m always super interested in your views so don’t hesitate to share you comments or questions…

Let’s go back to the selfie stick. During my latest two  trips to Jordan and New York I took out my selfie stick several times and I think I can give you a honest view on this gadget now. On the first trip I mostly used the stick to take selfies and shoot videos to capture the environment where I was (see here). I was on a Jordan trip with people I’d never met before so during this trip the stick was very helpful to take pictures of myself without asking others to take pictures of me – what I really don’t like to do. During my trip to New York I only used the selfie stick to take pictures together with my boyfriend at some cool sightseeing places like The Top of The Rock, Liberty Island or at the Brooklyn Bridge. Down below I selected a few Pros and Cons of a selfie stick and it’s up to you if it’s something for you…


More than only a face in one shot / Naturally, it allows you to take pictures of yourself in just about any type of location so that you can get more than just your face in the shot. And out of experience I can tell you it’s also super helpful when shooting flatlays or other pictures where you want to shoot you look from an other angle.

No need to ask others to take pictures / As I told you I’m not the kind of person who likes to ask others to take pictures of me. I feel akward and silly when I do this – I know, it sounds a bit weird. But with a selfiestick this problem is solved and you can take as much pictures of yourself as you want – and still look silly, but sometimes you just need to ignore others.

No awkward group shots / We all have experienced this before. Taking nice group pictures with friends and ending up with a pictures where your head is nowhere to be found and the cool background is also gone. With the extra distance thanks to to stick and the angle of the camera of your phone it makes it so easy to get everybody in one shot.


You look like a tourist (and a bit silly) / When I’m on a holiday I really want to avoid looking like a tourist. When you’re using a selfiestick you definitely look like a tourist. Up to you if that shot is really needed!

Another gadget in your bag / During my trip to New York I was really asking myself if I really needed to take my sefliestick with me. It would be the another gadget in my backpack besides my DSLR camera. smaller camera, my phone and Polaroid camera. Do we really need to capture everything? In the end I didn’t used it that much because it was to much of a hassle to get it from the bottom of my bag.

Center of attention / I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t want to be the center of attention all the time. Taking your selfie stick out it brings all eyes on you and I’m sure if this is something you’re aiming for. At the Top of The Rock in New York and high up in the mountains of Petra in Jordan I got some weird eyes on me when shooting with a selfie stick but in the end I really wanted to go for a cool shot and didn’t cared about others around me.

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