Yes! Travel season is in full swing and all around me I see people going on holiday or on a getaway for a few relaxing days. I’m really not an expert when it comes to flying but the last few years I’m became a quite frequent flyer. When I spot an early flight on my ticket it always can be beneficial or it can suck big time. Due to my health issues my morning routine is super important to me and having to fly around these hours can cause some stress – which makes it even more stressfull! Besides this personal issue, in general it just can mixed up your whole biological rhythm and to make the best of an early flight it I selected a few easy ways to rock those early flights.

1. Have a good night of sleep
Sleep can be de remedy for so many things and with an early flight to catch it helps you to be full on energy. When you only need to fly for a maximum of 3 a 4 hours I would recommend to get the normal amount of hours of sleep – of course you can take a nap in the airplane. When I have an early and long flight I like to stay at a hotel close to the airport to avoid stress in the morning and to enjoy all the luxury a hotel gives. I stayed at the CitizenM Schiphol Airport several times already and with only a few minutes to walk to the gate it’s the best way to start your trip. With their kingsize bed, cool interior and breakfast starting already at 4AM I always enjoy my nights here.

2. No stress! Stay true to your morning routine
The last thing you want to do before an early flight is having stress. As I said, my morning routine is really important for me to start my day fresh and happy. During days I want to get up early and I like to schedule extra time to have a good shower, get ready and have a good breakfast. And guys, it may not be the most fancy advice, but don’t forget to take time to go the restroom before your flight. The last thing you want during an early and long flight is suffering from stomach ache – I know this out of experience. And we all know the toilets in airplanes are not always the best.

3. Bring your breakfast on the plane
It’s always a good idea to enter an airplane with a filled tummy. Especially in the morning it’s better to have a good breakfast to start your day right. With all the rules at the airport, customs and legal regulations around liquids I totally forgot it’s still possible to bring your own food on the plane. Thanks to the inspiring and lovely Ivana I recently made some delicious banana pancakes (my favorite breakfast!) and brought them with me on the plane in a ziplock bag. Of course you also can bring other kind of food unless it’s not liquid of course.

4. Be (not too) early!
Of course, the last thing you want is missing your flight to you destination. But it’s also quite annoying being at the airport and waiting at the gate way to long. Is good to be updated about the times you need to be at the airport, when the check-in desk and the gate will close. During my last two flights I was a bit latish but there was no moment I felt hasty or the possibility I would miss my flight. Actually it felt quite relaxed!

5. Drink enough water!
A lot of us like to drink a cup (or a big mug) of coffee before starting the day. On normal days, but especially on days you’ll fly, it’s good to drink enough water.  I’m not totally sure if it’s true but I always feel a bit dehydrated when I drink a cup of coffee, so I always make sure to drink enough water during the flight. But always makes sure you’ll get water out of a brand new bottle and not from a tank somewhere in the airplane – you don’t know how long it has been there.

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