I already left Amsterdam Fashion Week a few weeks behind me but I still want to show you the video I shot for the #innercirqle project. This video is a short recap of 72 hours spending with 10 other fellow bloggers, Bloggernet and Cirqle.

Yes, it was so great to have this opportunity to shoot with a great team and work together with brands like Asus, Marlies Dekkers, Logitech and Cosmo Hairstyling (where they styled my hair in a super cool way!) Nowadays we all see the glitter and glamour of blogs but with this project we wanted to show you the real deal which is actually totally different. And hey, there’s totally no glitter and glamour be found in my life and a fun fact is that I actually prefer to stand behind the camera than before it (hence the awkward peace pose of above).

For now, sit back, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the video!

first image by dimitri valentijn / video footage by bikkelamsterdam & jasonrocco / video & editing by me