Exactly two weeks ago I was spending a few days in Rotterdam for a nice short getaway with my boyfriend. This year was quite hectic so we just treated our selfves with this relaxing trip. Going to the theatre, having great dinner and doing some Christmas shopping – just what we needed! To make this trip even better I was invited by House of Eléonore to attend their workshop event in their shop-in-shop in the well-known department shop De Bijenkorf in Rotterdam. It may be possible that House of Eléonore doesn’t ring a bell right away and that’s why I’m happy to share more of this Dutch jewelry brand that concentrates on diamonds.

Back to nature
When it comes to diamonds we all know a bit about it but in the end we also know nothing. During my workshop with House of Eléonore I got introduced how the world of diamonds and high quality jewellery industry works. Often people get quite surprised by the high prices of these jewelry pieces but this all goes back to the way gold and diamonds need to be found in our nature. The places where all the raw materials for these jewelery pieces are found many people are forced to work in gold mines everyday. Nature gets destroyed and often work conditions are often inhuman in these mines. Luckily House of Eléonore only works with limited mines in one area and takes their responsibility by selling only jewelry made out of 18K fair trade gold.

House of Eléonore
Before I got to know more about this jewelry label I was quite interested where this name came from and what the real background is. During the workshop their team was there to share their story and was open to give all the details and shared super interesting information. Like, the name Eléonore goes back to the 12th century where Eléonore from Aquitaine lived. She was quite a powerwoman for that time and stands for the strong, unique and independent woman. Besides their own collection of jewelry piecies it’s also possible to contact the team to create a unique piece in collaboration with their designers.

Besides this, House of Eléonore also often get inspired by nature and that’s good to see in the Paradise collection. With hints of orchirds, bamboo and paradise birds it has the right combination of the diamonds resulting into unique jewelry pieces.

Besides using fair trade gold they also started using non-mined diamonds. This means they reproduce nature by using some sort of pressure on carbon. In this case the diamonds are laboratory created and also lowers the costs of making the diamonds. So for House of Eléonore this also means they can offer more affordable jewellery while non-mined diamonds and mined diamonds in the end are physically and chemically the same. They come with an official certificate and show all the information on the 4C’s – carat, colour, cut and clarity.