Looking back at 2016 it was quite a weird and hectic year. It all started with several injuries which resulted into being disabled to do all the things I planned to do. I needed to take so me-time to recover and take life a bit slower. Although this all felt quite as a negative time – because I more an impatient person who like to get things done immediately – it was the perfect time to think about what I wanted in life, where I wanted to live and how I wanted to create my future. First I wanted to take better care of my body and I started with my healthy lifestyle. This all started in the summer and I’m so happy and grateful about this journey. Right now I’m in a phase of accepting myself and body so much better and it’s now time to take of other things in life. It’s time for change!

For the last 7 years I lived in the same house and actually I never felt truly home there. This wouldn’t be the kind of place where I want to live the rest of my life – or even the next few years. So it’s time to move and go something more different. Of course, moving costs quite some money and really need to focus more on living on a budget and saving money for the move. Besides saving at my own bank I also got introduced to Semmie. This new digital investment platform makes it possible for everyone to make investments – like someone like me who doesn’t have the big knowledge and don’t want to run huge risks. Actually I really like the concept of saving money (as an investment) in a new way and in the introduction of the three portfolios – Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk – makes it really something I want to try out. Besides this, I got great contact with the super friendly staff member Coco who helped me out with all my questions. For me this is the perfect moment to save and invest my money for the upcoming months because we all know moving costs quite some money. And one of the best thing of Semmie is that it only invest in companies with a sustainable agenda. I promised myself to save at least €50 monthly for the next year to invest it later in my new home. Maybe it could be to renovate my bedroom, to get that velvet couchI always wanted or a bedroom that feels like a hotelroom. Since I’m using Semmie I’m more conscious of my consuming and saving habits and hopefully it can inspire you too.

About Semmie
Semmie is an independent digital platform that investment will make it possible for everyone. A transparent, accessible service for young professionals, young parents and grandparents. People who want like to invest in their own future and that of their (grand) children, but do not have the time or knowledge of the market and want to run any great risks. Semmie composed especially for them. They break open the investment world. Not to reinvent the wheel, but by making it simpler, more personal and more fun.

This post was created in collaboration with and Cirqle.