Are you already counting the days until Christmas? I can say, I am! This year was quite a hectic year with a lot of downs but also many ups. For me Christmas is always the perfect moment to reflect and see what a new year has to offer. For what I know, 2017 will be a year of changes and getting myself to another level. So excited! To spoil myself a bit I treated myself with a brand new watch of Rosefield. During this holiday season they launched a limited edtion Holiday set that includes your own personal favorite watch and to make this set complete you will receive a beautiful signet ring. It can be the perfect gift for yourself (like I did!) to shine during the holidays or to give to others. How nice would it be to find this pretty wrapped gift under the Christmas tree. Happy Holidays!

Besides this all I teamed up with Rosefield Watches to show you what I’m up to a few days before Christmas. I’m wearing the exclusive Rosefield Christmas Gift Set which contains in my case The Mercer watch in all black with a rose signet ring.

09:14 Waking Up
I’m starting my morning at one the most amazing hotels that The Netherlands
has to offer. Hotel New York in Rotterdam is a hotel full of rich history
and staying a night here was super high on my bucket-list. I’m starting my
morning with a cup of coffee and reading one of my favorite books. These
days just before the holidays are quite hectic so I was really happy with
this moment of rest and taking my day a bit easier. But there’s still
some work to do today. So let’s start!

14:21 Making plans
After a delicious breakfast and lunch it’s time to do some work and I’m going
to make so plans for 2017. A new year, a full new year of new chances. What I already
know that my boyfriend and I will be moving to a new appartement in a new city.
I’m so excited about  this and I’m already looking forward to the moment I’ll feel
home in my new condo. Besides this all I also need to prepare a lot of work
related things before Xmas knocks on my door. Only a few days left!

19:33 Night out
After a full day of work it’s time to relax and a night out with my boyfriend.
I dressed up in ne of my favorite black dresses  and styled it with my all black
Rosefield watch.We are planning to have dinner at a sushi restaurant (of course!)
and go to the theatre for a night full of cabaret. We really laughed our asses off!