On Turning 30: When Age Becomes Only A Number

For years I could hide myself behind the age of 20-something. And yes, people often guessed my age was somewhere around 25. Something I could easily deal but on the other side the years were counting and counting. When I hit the age of 29 reality kicked in and I knew 365 days later the magic 30 would be there. I had a full year of thinking about this and my thoughts and suddenly I realised that ages is truly only a number.

Because of my own believes my life will not be same as the majority of the people. For example, I’m not planning to get kids or getting married in the (near) future. These are things my boyfriend and I don’t feel comfortable with. Of course, during our early twenties we werent’ so sure about this but between my twenties and thirties I created so much more self confidence to walk an other path. So by creating this life my age because less important in the things I do.

Besides this all I always have look younger than my age so for years I felt age was just a number. Include my love for cute things, stuffed animals and pinkness people won’t guess you will be reaching the age of thirty.

But then, the day had come. Exactly one week ago I reached the age of 30 – and did something changed? Not really. I still felt the same person. But personally I think the change was already made a few years ago. I created a state of mind where ages wasn’t important and I just followed my heart with the things I do. Whether it fitted my age or not.

This is also the reason why I’m so happy with the most amazing cake I got in my life. Some people get one during their wedding or baby shower but I just treated myself with the best cake every during my BIG 30. This pretty yummy cake is made by the super talented Elisa (Elisabeth & Valentijn) who makes the best cakes, cookies, cupcakes and so much more. I truly love the share all this talent with you guys – so don’t forget to follow on instagram  – @elisabethvalentijn – for some daily yumminess.