Let’s Talk About Change

Ok. I was really in doubt about posting this personal post. It’s all about opening up and sharing a side that I prefer to keep it close to me. On the other side it’s something that’s close to me and affecting my state of mind. So this may be the reason I post less often and dealing with things offline.

Just when I thought last year was tough, this year is quite coming close. I’m really not the type of sharing a lot of personal things but sometimes writing it all away can give you peace. Struggling with your health, losing someone and seeing life in an other perspective makes you not always being the happy girl. Something that annoyed me so much lately. But I also came to the realisation that change is always something you can count on – positive or negative. For me, these negative changes didn’t really affected me from the outside – you don’t see my crying a lot – but from the inside it crawls up under your skin. A strange feeling that haunts you and sometimes you don’t know how to handle it all. It becomes something you try to ignore. From the outside it may look like I live in a perfect pink world but this is actually all part of ‘the instagram lie’ – where we all are part of. This is also the reason I like to take some offline time and intentionally not share everything I do online. Still, I’m not going deep into details because I like to keeps to myself and people close to me. But maybe in the future I can share more about it.

But what’s the purpose of all this rambling? Opening up and sharing this may bring some perspective and show that we not living in a pink (insta) dreamland. Oh yes, lucky I’m not! Please don’t compare yourself with others because you don’t know where that other person is struggling with. Besides that, change is just a part of our lives and dealing with it is just one of the obstacles.

Let me also share that there are enough positive things happening in my life now – like my new home – that just gives the right balance. Just what life is about, right!

How do you deal with changes? And the entire compare game in this online world? Let me know!