What I’ve Learned This Year


Wow! Less than 3 weeks to go and this year will be over. And yes again, time really flies these days because last NYE feels like yesterday and my holiday to Bali (see picture) this summer feels so recent. As I mentioned before on instagram, the last two years has been quite exciting, strange and hectic at the same time. Changes in my life, people that I’ve lost and coming to realisation that things has changed in my life. But moving to a new home was the biggest change this year and also the best desicion ever. I feel so happy and relaxed in this home and finally it all comes together in this house. So much smaller, but so much more love and fun to live in. Because there are more things to share I wrote down a few lines about the things I learned this year. I’m not totally sure what it can do for you but maybe it can inspire you in some way.

Health is everything
Just like last year, this year has proven you really need to be live healthy as possible. Your body is the tool to do everything in life and when something isn’t working right it has affect on everything in your life. Of course, this year I also had some weaker moments where I ate fastfood several days in a row and didn’t visited the gym for months. But after a few weeks I knew I had to make a change. Super happy that I’m back on track again and I’m taking better care of my body.

Living my own life

Back in the days I thought too much about what other people thinking of me. How I looked like, what I ate, what I liked and my plans for the future. I came the realisation that my plans for the future are quite different that the most of the people around me. No I’m not planning to get a baby or get married in the future. While this is something I’m seeing happening a lot around me these days. In the past I thought I had to live my life in a certain way to fit in the perfect picture but in the end I rather be not so perfect.

Time is now
This year I also learned that life can be over before you know it. So this year I really learned to live now with the people I love and enjoy it to the fullest. This is also to reason I planned more offline time and wasn’t online as before. I prefer to connect with people offline than online where I’m in a surreal world full of insecurities. Of course, I’m still part of this online world (we all are) and I’m just making the best of it. Time is now, so you better enjoy it!