Drinking water. Since a couple of months I’m trying to be more focused on my health and drinking more water is one the elements that helps me so much in this progress. It’s so great to see how this water that’s created by nature has so many benefits. And it’s still so strange that so many people on the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. So let’s talk about water today.

During this holiday season we all thinking about getting the best gifts for our loved ones. But all this consuming isn’t something that I feel comfortable with. During the last few months I’m in progress of living with less. Having and buying less stuff and surround myself with only things I truly need is my ultimate goal. This all got me thinking of my drinking habits and that’s where this cool Dopper water bottle comes in. I really can’t count how many water bottles I’ve bought and I have thrown away. No recycling and these single-use bottles go on the big pile of waste we create as humans. It’s so much better to have a bottle that you can use over and over again. Nowadays I often bring my Dopper with me that’s recyclable and free from harmful substances and toxic plasticisers.

During these holidays I will definitely give away a Dopper as the perfect Christmas present. And for this season Dopper collaborated with the Van Gogh Museum to create a special edition inspired on a few of Van Gogh’s paintings. They are separated by a century but have so much in common. Where Vincent van Gogh wanted to capture nature Dopper has a mission to save the nature around us. The yellow one I own is inspired on the famous ‘Sunflower’ painting of Van Gogh and it comes to life on this bottle in a unique way. A great eyecatcher with a rich story to tell.

The bottles are available at the Dopper webshop for only €17,95, at retailers and in the museum shop of the Van Gogh Museum.

Water should be accessible for everybody worldwide. Besides this all Dopper also funds the Foundation Dopper water projects of Simavi in Nepal. With your purchase you contribute directly to this charity.