Beach Days

This summer has been quite of a rollercoaster and in the end the blue sky and sun makes everything so much more relaxed. With my holiday to Bali still a few weeks away I’m looking forward to some beach days here in the Netherlands. Of course, not so fancy as on a tropical island but still a perfect way to get some energy back. Personally I’m the kind of girl who brings only a few essentials to the beach and newest pair Gurkees sandals are one of them. Totally made out of rope they give that perfect natural feel and give every look something extra. And how cool to see how they blend away in the sand. Yes, these things keep fascinating me.

In the image / Catwalk Junkie heartbreaker tee / Miu Miu sunglasses / Gurkees rope sandals via Ellen Beekmans / Catwalk Junkie palm bag