Guide To Sleep Better Every Night

After talking about my new favorite pillow and mattresss I thought it was about time to talk more about my sleeping my regime and what helps me to get the right amount of sleep every night. Back in the days I was someone who could be awake for more than an hour before catching some sleep. But at least the last fee year I can fall in sleep in only a few minutes. Something I’m super happy with and that’s not the case with everybody. So today I’m happy to share a few of my own tips to sleep better every night.

No phone
This is still something I need to work on myself but limiting your time on your phone before your sleep is a good thing to do for a good sleep. So let your phone on your nighttstand and read a book or listen music instead. Or do absolutely nothing and enjoy the quitness.

Drink enough water
Yes! Always keep a glass of water on your nightstand. Of course, don’t drink too much before your sleep but always keep hydrated during the evening and night.

Create a great atmosphere
When I smell a great scent in your home makes such a difference. Especially in the room where you sleep you want to create a relaxing atmosphere and you can easily do this with the right candles, interior or linen spray.

Control your thoughts
When your about to sleep, all your iseas and to-do’s can come up which results in overthinking instead of sleeping at night. Instead of letting those thoughts rule your night, write them down in a notebook and leave them behind you until the next morning.

Take care of your eyes
I’m wearing lenses eveyday and after a full day of working on a laptop my eyes can become dry and I get tired really easily. So for my it’s always good to give my eyes rest by taking my lenses of somewhere around the evening and wear glasses instead.

In the image / Polette transparant glasses / Ikea mug + light /
Sostrene Grene pouf + notebook / Method interior spray