Winter Sale

We all know it! The day after Christmas the winter sale starts and almost every store has it’s massive discounts. Back in the days I was waiting in line to get the best deals but right now I only have a few on my mind I already was looking for. For example, that denim
jacket is just way to cool to resist. Further I’m also eyeing on that cute grey glitter bag that would spice up every simple look. On the other side, I’m also the person who always get drawn to non-sale items while the rest of the store has dropped in price with at least 50%. This happened also with the Costes star print trousers I just can’t resist. For now I’m really curious to hear if you have been sale shopping already and scored some great bargains. Let me know!

Bershka embroidered denim jacket / Asos quilted grey glitter bag / My Jewellery coin necklace /
Costes pink sweatshirt / Saint Laurent scarf / Asos metallic platform sneakers /
Kingsley silver hoops / Forever21 iphone case / Gucci sunglasses / Costes star trousers

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