Summer is in full swing and everybody has their own plans for the next few weeks – with hopefully some ‘normal’ summer temperatures. Actually I haven’t planned big things but I’m already looking forward to some fun planned activities. For todays Friday Five I’m sharing what I’ll be up to this summer! This makes me quite curious to know what your plans are for this summer? Going on an exciting trip? Or working at a cool job? Let me know!

Planning new trips
Yes! I’ve got the travel bug in me and my boyfriend and I can’t wait to plan more cool trips in the future. Will it be LA? Miami? Tokyo? Or maybe somewhere closer? Somewhere in Europe? We’re still not sure what it will be but I can tell you it will be super exciting!

Summer drinks & food
I still can remember that delicious lemon and mint drink I got in Jordan which I’ve been drinking there almost everyday. After an intense hike and the sun burning on my skin this was one of those true happy moments. This summer I’m planning to re-make more of this food & drink-related travel memories and hopefully I can share them soon here.

Getting a new tattoo
Or two. It’s been 9 years ago I got my very first tattoo and since the moment I got I knew it wouldn’t be my last one. Busy life took over and at the moment I’m still left with that one tattoo. But I promised myself to get at least a new one this summer. I’m very intrigued by watercolor tattoos and I think I’m about to make that my new one! What are your thoughts on tattoos?

La Palma it is!
I still need to wait for almost 2 months for my summer holiday to the great Canary island, La Palma. It will be a super relaxing week of enjoying the beach, some dipping at the pool and probably also some hiking here and there. Oh my, I’m already counting the days!

Just relax!
Summer is also about taking more care of yourself. Giving yourself some rest, go to a spa or just have a day off and just enjoy some hours off. Our world is already filled with so much to-do’s it’s also nice to make some time for yourself and the ones you love!