You’ve got two types of people in the world. The ones who rather stay where they live and don’t give about travelling and on the onter side you’ve have people who love to travel 24/7. I think I’m somewhere in between because I love to stay at home but my dream scenerio would be travelling at least once a month. People around always have been joking about the fact I’m always on the go and how much I travel. In my opinion I don’t think I travel that much but I can’t deny I like to be on to go quite often. But if you want to travel, you can! No matter what! Lack of money and time is by far the #1 excuse for people for not being able to travel. Personally I don’t come for a wealthy family and our holidays weren’t that impressive. So my urge to travel was grown on me from a early age and through the years I learned how to make my travel dreams come true. So that’s why I’m happy to share a fee tips with you. Happy spring days!

Be a good planner

If you want to go on a last-minute trip, you can, but often this all is way more expensiver than you think. Once in a while I go on these kind of trips but in the end I like to plan a few weeks/ahead – or even years. When you plan your trips you can find the best flights and accommodation and have all your options open. Moneywise you know how much you need for these trips so you can save for it on forehand. Personally I already have some travels in mind to South-Africa, Japan and Unites States for the future. So excited! 

Travel & stay cheap

Personally I dont prefer to travel first class or stay at the most luxuru hotels. So I like to go for budget hotels because I’m already satisfied with something basic. Staying at someone elses place, like Airbnb is also a great option and it makes you feel more like a local. 

Be innovative

There’re so many ways to travel and sometimes you just need to be innovative to find great deals. Do you know that there a many contests where you can win a great trip? Just stay updated with all these contests and maybe you’ll be the lucky one. In this way I already traveled to Stockholm with H&M and last year to Jordan with Jordan Tourism Board.

Stay updated

I know, getting newsletters all the time can become really annoying but sometimes it can save you some a lot of money. For example, later this year I’ll travel to the Caribbean and already booked my flight in January because I got a newsletter from KLM telling all about cheaper flights. After doing some reseach this seemed to be the best option.