As you may have seen on instagram ( follow me at @justlikesushi) I’ve enjoyed the Barcelona life last week and I couldn’t be more relaxed about it. Last few months were quite hectic when it came to recovering from my injury and I just really needed a few days off of doing absolutely nothing and only think about going to the beach or shopping and what to eat next. As you may have seen here too, I’m now working on a healthier lifestyle in collaboration with Personal Body Plan and this trip to Barcelona was quite exciting in many ways. First, I couldn’t go to the gym like I normally do and I don’t have the possibility to make my food at home. And the hardest thing, all the delicious food around me that are true temptations. Right now I experienced how it is to be on a holiday with no homemade food and no gym around me, I thought it would be nice to share a few tips to maintain you healthy during your sunny lifestyle!

Let it go
You can become quite frustrated when you don’t have the food en things around you that makes you stick to your healthy lifestyle. Is really important to change this mentally brain game and also relax and let things go. When you want to make this into something for longterm is good to know how to let things go. It’s not the end of the world when you eat that burger or when you grab some fries. Just enjoy it, walk a lot and know that tomorrow or after your holiday you’ll be back on track.

Drink a lot of water
When you go on a sunny holiday it’s necessary to drink a lot of water. Thanks to PBP I learned to increase my amount of water during the day and that’s something to hold on during your holiday. You’ll be sweating a lot and your body needs to be hydrated. Avoid a lot of coffee and soft drink (with lot of sugar)and go instead for natural juices with a lot of vitamins or soft drink like Coca Cola Zero to alternate this with your water.

Walk a lot
During my holiday I only did a workout once at my hotel room because the relaxed vibe got over me. But stay in the exercise mood I walked a lot and that’s really something I would advice. Walking is a good cardio but it also trains your muscles when you go up hill. And yes, when you walk all day long you’re gonna feel your legs. When you’re close to a beach or pool it’s nice to have a good swim for 30-45 minutes.

Find healthy food spots
When you go to larger cities it’s quite good to find some restaurants that serve healthy dishes. Just like with Barcelona I had a bunch of nice restaurants on my list thta served delicious food and was super healthy at the same time. When you go to some where were this isn’t possible I would advice to control your portions and eat more of the salad or vegetables on the side.

Healthy food on the go
In every cities it’s possible to find a supermarket where you can have enough choice to create a healthy breakfast or lunch. For example, grab a bunch of fruit and quark yoghurt and your breakfast is ready. Further it’s easy to find some ready-made salads with a hint olive oil it makes a super healthy lunch. And don’t forget the markets outside mostly every weekend that serve some fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers for a good price.

And the last things….RELAX!

By the way, when you’re interested in PBP you can read my last update here + a new group will start on August 1st and you can be part of it too! Just sign in at Personal Body Plan and start this healthy journey now, just like me.