So excited! I’ll be heading to London somewhere Mid-November to have some days of with my boyfriend and some business-related things and meetings. Yes, I’ve been to London several times during the last few seasons during Fashion Week but the last time with my love was ages ago. It’s also so nice to explore the city again without all the fashion-madness and find the true gems of one of my favorite cities. I know a few parts of London gems but I truly would love to get more of them so I already can planning stuff to visit.

And that’s where I need YOU! Are you maybe living in London or UK and have for me the ultimate hotspot in London I need to visit? Or did you recently visited this city and can’t wait to share you favorite place to eat, shop, drink, and etc? I’m truly looking for those non-touristic (or just a bit) hidden gems of London. Please share all your tips or links to your blog (with tips) down below in the comment.

All images by the talented Shini Park