It’s been a while I talked about food-related things. Quite strange in my opinion because it really feels I’m living from meal to meal everyday. To be honest I love everything – from super healthy smoothies to some unthealhy fastfood (sorry!). One of my favorite things to eat are some sour lemons. It’s filled with a bunch of vitamin C and it has so many postivity healthy benefits you’ll be blown away. Because lemons are so sour it’s not always easy to integrate them in your daily meals and that why I’m sharing some tips to use them. A great way to stick your food-related resolutions this year

Lemon water or tea

By far my favorite way to use lemons. Just mix the juice of a lemon with your water, hot water or tea and you’re ready to go. It’s gives you that boost for the day or just before your work-out. When I drink the lemon juice with water (cold or hot) I often drink it with a straw because I don’t want the sourness of the juice irritate my teeth. Bring your water in a bottle and you’ll be hydrated the entire day.

Fish with lemon
Personally I love to east my fish super natural. Only a pinch of herbs, salt and lemon makes my salmon or other fishes so yummy. The best one I had was last summer at the beach of La Palma!

Panacakes, sugar & lemon
So not healthy, but so delicious. Weekends are just perfect for pancakes as lunch or dinner. I like them with bacon but the ultimate favorite combination is sugar witb lemon juice. A guilthy pleasure I go for one in a while.

In your salad
When I make a salad I often tend to go for natural and make the dressing myself. Mix some olive oil with lemon juice and pinch of your favorite herbs and ready is your refreshing salad.

Bon appetit!