Jayne Min, a blogger and creative consultant who’s based in sunny Los Angeles is one of my favorite style icons from the start. With her laid-back look, tomboy style and her view on fashion is something I really can relate to. She hasn’t been updating her looks on her blog Stop It Right Now but it’s really worth scrolling around and click back some few pages. From working together with &Other Stories to creating the coolest skateboard at Cali skateboard brand. And now? She left her job to focus on her own creative projects with a plan to eventually start her own label and store (oh, I can’t wait!). It’s so great to see a ‘blogger’ around that doesn’t goes up it all the craziness of the online (fashion) world and just does her own things.
And like she says (via The Coveteur):

“The best [fashion] advice is to not care what other people think.
Because who are [they to be] critiquing your look?
Who are you trying to appeal to?”
“Just do you. Life is too short.”

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