Sometimes we totally forget to take some steps back and take time to recharge. Last week I got totally in the mood for a last-minute getaway to relax and just take some rest from all the hussle of daily life. I’m a true fan of weekend getaways and experience all the great things a hotel has to offer. Bringing some luxury into your life is always a good idea, right?! Often I go for a trip to good old Amsterdam but I thought it was about time for something different and this time I chose Rotterdam – a modern city known for it’s architecture and so much more.

A few years back I got the opportunity to have a glimse of the impressive Nhow Hotel during an event and I knew that this hotel would be the perfect place for a perfect getaway. Obvisually it was a no-brainer and my boyfriend and I booked a one-night sleepover at this amazing hotel that has the best iconic view with the Erasmus Bridge that connects two parts of Rotterdam.

While getting welcomed by the staff of Nhow Hotel (pronounced as ‘Now’) we got a bit more information about the background of the hotel which makes it even more exciting to stay here. Did you know the Nhow hotel was designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas + Nhow is part of the NH Hotel group that has hotels all over Europe. Nhow hotels – Rotterdam is the 3rd one – are standing out by their locations and themes which makes your stay even more special. While the hotels in Berlin and Milan focus respectively on music and fashion, Rotterdam is focusing on architecture. Koolhaas designed the hotel and rooms with a great vision and all with the breathtaking view in mind. Like the hidden tv in a dark mirror, the bathroom in the room divided by glass with gold spots – showering has never been so epic on the 15th floor with a view!

After this sweet welcome it was time to change clothes and make us ready for a delicious surprise dinner for two. When it comes to food I prefer to stay in control but I just loved getting surprised by this 3-course dinner and experience new food. After a short nap (so granny style) it was time for drinks up in the sky to celebrate the weekend. The boy and I went for a strawberry moijito that we sipped away with the Erasmus Bridge full of lights as the perfect backdrop. And what to do the next morning? I just couldn’t resist the opportunity of ordering breakfast in bed and it made this getaway even more perfect!

This time I got invited to stay a night at this hotel but for the next time I’m already sure where to stay next. Staying at Nhow hotel Rotterdam is more than ‘just staying’ at the hotel because gives you a full experience. From a cool bar, amazing view to a great restaurant for dinner, lunch and breakfast. What can a girl wish for more, right?!

– This post was written in collaboration with Nhow Hotel