Last week, on a typical Monday, I got a call with the question if I wanted to go to Paris for the grand new opening of the C&A store in Paris. Oh, hell yes! C&A is a store where I shopped when I was little with my mom, after that I neglected it for a couple of years and lately I always find their some great pieces. In Paris they just opened their third flag-ship store (Madeleine) and last Wednesday I had the opportunity to have a look.

C&A launched their fresh new store concept – on the move – with a more spacious feeling, good use of lights and a clear division of the different styles. I thinks it’s good that C&A is starting to go into a modern direction and work on their image. But still, it will be a store where you can find something for everyone. That was shown during my super fast shopping spree in their store in Paris (more about that).

Besides visiting the C&A store I also couldn’t wait to explore Paris in my free time with the fellow bloggers – with Cynthia, Suzanne, Annic, Jocelyna, Tara and Larissa (where I spend the last hours in Paris with. You rock girls!). After the Shopping Party we had a delicious dinner (still searching for the name of the restaurant it’s Pub St Germain) and the next day we headed to the Eiffel tower and rue Saint-Honoré for sightseeing and last-minute shopping. One downside, the phone of Suzanne got stolen when I we headed to Gare du Nord. Such a bummer!

I also made a video snaps during my stay, so I can’t wait to edit it and show you more of this Paris adventure with C&A. So this just a little preview of what will come. Stay tuned!