Oh yes! Later this month I will be hopping on a plane to Hongkong for a stop-over and with my end destination Bali. This holiday is something I’ve been so excited about and I couldn’t be more ready for it. The last few months were a bit weird and hectic for me. Some personal things happend super close to me and moving to a new home at the same time made it a time where it wasn’t easy to find my rest. Always taking care of thing and always busy working. But now, with my holiday in sight I can’y wait to explore this part of the world. So, if you have some tips for Bali or things I really need to know –  drop them here in the comment!

But let’s go back to the preparations for my holiday. The summer here in Holland hasn’t been great so I really didn’t updated my summer wardrobe this year. The last few weeks I’m taking advantage of the summer sale and got some new denim shorts, tees and new sandals. But of course I also couldn’t resist some new season pieces and the ones down below I by far my favorite. When I saw these Sacha leopard mules it was truly love on first sight. They reminded me of leopard shoes I owned almost 10 years ago and they were my to-go shoes for every occasion. To bad I worn them so much it was possible anymore after a few months. I really don’t hope this will happen to these ones but for sure I know I’m going to wear them often. Let’s meet again in Bali!

In the image / Sacha leopard mules (or sandalen)