Get Some Air

fatboy, lamzac, get some air

Relaxing. Something we don’t do that often and life just rushes by. To be honest, life has been quite hectic the last few months and it’s good to take steps back to reflect and give yourself some new energy. Giving yourself that extra bunch of air to breath can be the best remedy. Personally I’m always focused on building in moments to be you, be creative and inspire yourself with all the great things around you. Like spending a few hours at the dunes and nature is always so nice. That’s why I’ve been thinking about getting a relaxing Lamzac for a while now and by coincedence they contacted me to test one out. Lamzac is a new product by Fatboy and they are always busy creating new innovating products for your daily life. Together with my boyfriend we headed to the dunes, found a chill place and setted up this Lamzac. Yes, we really needed a few tries to get the Lamzac full air but then you’ve got the most relaxing on-the-go chill bed/air which you can take everywhere with gou. You’ll understand I’m taking this one with me to Bali later this week. I’ll see you there!

I’m using the black Lamzac (by Fatboy)