Favorite Summer Sandals

sacha sandals

Yes, summer is finally in full swing. With some gloomy days here and there we’re also having some heatwaves that makes me quite happy as a girl with tropical roots. But during work weeks this also means I need to work on these kind of days. Luckily I can wear what I want but personally I always keep in mind that I’m working so I’ll never reveal too much skin and flip-flops is something I would never wear. But when temperatures rise to over 30 degrees some open summer shoes are a true must. For a while I’ve been looking for perfect summer sandals that I can wear for the next few year. And I think I found them. Made out of black leather, minimal details and the platform gives you the perfect height. And the best thing, they are super comfortable so they are the perfect investment.

I planned to style them with one of my favorite pink dresses that is just perfect for every occasion. The flowy dress it just a good match with my sandals and it’s the ultimate to-go look for every summer destination. Can’t wait to copy looks more often this summer and hopefully next year too. Instead of shooting this look alone I ask the boyfriend to join. He’s the one that always shoots my looks but this time he shines in front of the camera. Like it? Shall I do this more often?

I’m wearing Na-Kd pink wrap dress  | Sacha shoes black leather sandals (zomerschoenen)