5 Colorful Styling Tips For Your Home

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It’s been already 2 years ago that I moved to my current home. Back then I had a house with several rooms, a garden and an attic to store all my stuff (and mostly things I actually didn’t need). Due to some health issues I was forced to stay at home for a while and that was the moment I felt that this house wasn’t the place I felt comfortable with. It didn’t feel as a true home to me. So that was the moment that my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to live smaller and somewhere that  was more ‘us’. So two years later, I’m still so happy in my current home but I knew there are still some things I wanted to change-up. Nothing big but more in the style of painting walls and decorating my home with pretty interior pieces. One of my key pieces in my home is my pink couch from Sofacompany. Combined with neutral colors it gives me the right positive and happy vibe into my home. But it’s time to add more cool items.

The last thing I want is to create a chaos of colors so I always pay attention to the colors I mix together. So with a statement piece, as my pink couch, I prefer to mix it with neutrals, darker colors or rich colors like ocher. To find out which color palette is the best for you is by doing a lot of research. You can do this by choosing one favorite color and add other color to it that are in the same color scheme. Besides this  it’s always good to find inspiration on Pinterest because in that way you can check out interiors that you like. Don’t copy the exact style but it’s good to find out which element you like of that interior. This can be the mix of styles, the color, the fabrics and more. I always advice to get inspired and find your own style.

Hocker – Style Evie
After living smaller I’m always looking for innovative ways to store my items which I can use in multiply ways. I chose this hocker because it was the perfect interior piece I was looking for. It’s velvet and it’s the right match with our beloved pink couch. But there’s more. For moments when we have guests, you can use it as an extra seating furniture. But on a daily base we use this hocker as a coffee table to make it the right accent into our livingroom. And there’s more. This hocker has also a storage possibility so that means that I can store a lot of stuff in it which I don’t need on a daily basis. Personally that was for me one of the biggest reasons I just needed this interior piece in my home.

The color of this Sofacompany  hocker is a mix of deep purple and eggplant. It all depends of the light and on some days it looks darker than on other days. For me it has the right color to fit into my home because it’s quite a calm color so it fit’s with all the other in my home. Like this hocker too? One of the positive things I like about Sofacompany is that you can choose your own fabric and color so it’s possible the customize your own furniture piece and create something totally unique. Personally I have a preference of velvet and I think it makes this items so much more vibrant.

No 8. Hocker
Because i didn’t wanted to style two pink furniture items together I choose to style the other small hocker on the other part of my livingroom. This part of my livingroom is a bit darker to bring the pink influences into balance. I’m living together with my boyfriend so our home need to be a balance of both of our styles. This part was mostly black with some neutral items and personally I was missing some color. Because we can always use seating options in our home I went for this small hocker by Sofacompany that has a perfect pink/purple color. This warm color fits perfectly into this part of our home and best of all – it’s super comfortable.

5 Styling Tips For Your Home
A few years ago I was afraid of everything that had a hint of color. I wore only black and my home was totally monochrome. This was something I liked for many years because it gave me peace in my home and too much color felt like chaos. But after a few years I noticed that it didn’t make me happy and slowly I added more color into my life, style and home. Because a lot of people don’t find it easy to bring more color into their home, I like to share a few of my own tips.

Get inspired
As I mentioned before. When going from monochrome to more colors you’ll need inspiration. So first start to find your own color palette and it this was you can focus on a few color instead getting overwhelmed by everything you’ll see coming by, Make a moodboard with your favorite items, colors and materials will give you more insight into your style

Go see items in real-life
Of course, it’s so easy to get inspiration from your own by searching on the internet, Pinterest of Instagram. But in the end, checking out furniture in real like is the best thing to do. In this way you can check out the fabric, color and quality with your own eyes. For example, when choosing my Sofacompany hocker I decided to visit their showroom in Rotterdam and I was so happy I could do a final check before buying it. Because at first I was in doubt about the color but after checking it I was totally blown away and I knew I wanted to go for this darker color.

Start with accessories
When you’re too afraid to go for bigger items in a certain color, you can start with some bright-colored accessories to bring you more into a color mood. In this way you don’t need to invest a lot of money into a big item and style your interior slowly into something with more color. An easy one is choosing a few colored pillows (also available at Sofacompany) that gives so much more fun into your home.

Get color on the floor
One of the first color items I got when I was more into monochrome phase,  was a red carpet that became the it piece of my interior. For this was an easy and not to expensive way of bringing color into my home.

Just do it!
Of course, getting a pink couch was quite big thing (also for my boyfriend) and of course I was in doubt sometimes if this was the right thing to do. But in the end I just did it and I’m so happy I went for it. This was for me the start of my ‘more color phase’ and from this point on I dared to go for my color. So my best advice, just do it!

This post was created in collaboration with Sofacompany