Bringing Summer Into My New Home



Yes! You may have, or not, noticed it has been quite quiet here on my blog. And no, I’m not going to apologize for this absent because in the end it’s my personal place on the wide world web. I have been enjoying the offline life and in the meantime I also moved to a new place in a new city. Something I’m so excited about but also something that really needed my energy and attention. But the move has been done and now it’s time to unpack all those boxes and make it the cosiest home ever.

To celebrate this change I really wanted to create yummy breakfast with my boyfriend this Sunday. Enjoying the rising sun from our balcony and just enjoy this moment. With some cool and unexpensive items I think I created a nice place and moment to chill.

For this all I collaborated with Blokker who surprised me with a box full of items to bring summer into your home. Something that was a perfect match with the breakfast plan I had this weekend. With only a wooden plate and a trestle I created a balcony table to eat on. Super easy! For the finishing touch I received the prettiest glasses that just had to be filled with a pink drink. The plates and bowls are made out of bamboo which makes them perfect for a picknick or just eating outside. To make in all complete an cosy I just love to bring in a pillow with a beautiful print and add some lamps for the cuteness.

As you may have seen, this will probably not be the last time that I’ll replace my eating moments to outside for the ultimate relaxing start of the day. For now, let’s start this week and I’m already looking forward to the next eating moment on my balcony.

Looking forward to hear how you will bring summer into your home!