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And it’s Monday again. How was your weekend? Did you enjoyed the lovely blue sky and sunrays? I would like to tell you more about my weekend of last week. I was invited by Stijl Wyck/Maastricht to celebrate their 5th and 1st anniversay. Who would say no to that!

Somewhere in the afternoon on Saturday I had a delicious lunch with the other press like Glamour, Jackie and stylist Bastiaan van Schaik and my fellow bloggers Debbie and Xaviera (yay). Our lunch included a scallop (my favorite!) that was so delicious I couldn’t hold myself to make a picture of it, sorry! After this, where I really ate to much for lunch, I headed back to home for a touch up and before I knew it I got picked up by own driver and headed to the fashion show and party. Let’s get started!

About the show: First some compliments for Carolien Spoor for presenting the show. Great job! Overall I loved to see several styles and themes within one show. The stylist created more than 70 looks, so there was enough for everybody. And the coolest thing, you could shop all the looks directly after the show at their event store. Such a great idea. After this…party (and a hangover)! Whoops!