Shopping for the perfect suitcase

During these colder days I can only daydream of a tropical island or a sunny getaway. But hey, there’s till a lot of work to do so I really need to wait until somewhere next year. But this doesn’t mean I don’t mean I didn’t planned some trips for December. For example, today I will stay here in the Netherlands for a sleep-over in Rotterdam. Travelling doesn’t mean you need to go to the other side of the world because exploring places close to you is as much fun. Through the years I had several suitcases but lately I’m really into SuitSuit suitcases and for now I’m sharing a few tips about what to keep in mind when buying a new suitcase.

I’m using the SuitSuit Matrix Serenity Blue suitcase

1. Which size suitcase?
We all know there are several sizes suitcases available and it’s really important to keep in mind which kind of travels you’re planning to make. When you’re planning to make more short trips it’s better to choose for a hand-luggage suitcase which you can bring with you on a plane. Are you planning to make long trips to far destinations than it’s better to go for bigger suitcase.

2. Safety
If you want, you can get a big suitcase for less than €30 on a market but I’m afraid it will nog have the best quality – and I now this out of experience. A pink suitcase can look cute but having the best quality is just as important. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to get a boring grey one for more than €200 but nowadays you can get great quality and style. That’s why I love the suitcases of SuitSuit so much. Further, it’s also important which kind of lock is on the suitcases to protect all your stuff. And in the end I always would go for hard-case suitcases because when you’re traveling by plane you know people can throw with it and the last thing you want is finding your stuff all over the airport.

3. Wheels
One of my goals in life is becoming a light-packer but this is still something not within my reach. So for me a suitcases really need to be comfortable and have the right wheels to roll with. Back in the days I only could dream of 4-wheeled suitcases but now it’s something I can’t live without. Especially with the bigger suitcases it’s so comfortable and that how you want to start you holiday, right!?

4. Go for color
We all know that moment at the luggage belt while searching for your suitcases. Yes, all those black and grey suitcases look all the same and the possibility of grabbing the wrong is lurking. These days I always like to go for a hint of color because you can spot your suitcases from a far distance.

5. Read reviews
When you buy an expensive suitcase this doesn’t mean you’ll get the best quality. So it’s really important to read reviews online the find the suitcases that suits your needs. This is also how I found SuitSuit after reading some great positive comments and when I found mine on sale in a local store I was sold right away!


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