My favorite cities for a weekend getaway

Oh! After my tropical holiday to Curacao (more about that later) I’m so in the mood for another trip soon. The excitement, traveling, cosy hotel, crispy white sheets with a super soft bed and the feeling of exploring a new cities with delicious restaurants, shops and great spots to hang out. Because most of us are working or going to school it’s not always possible to travel as much and often as you want. So a weekend getaway is the perfect way to hop out of daily life and indulge into a new city. I can’t wait to book my next trip and I thought it would be nice to share with you my favorite cities for a 2 or 3-day trip. Because I’m located in the Netherlands I’m focusing on European cities, how accessable they are and if it’s possible to travel within the city easily.

I’m using the Suitsuit ‘Caretta’ Sea Shell suitcase which you can use perfect as your hand luggage.

Ok, it’s a bit obvious but I left my heart in Barcelona and for me it’s the number one destination for a weekend getaway. With a nice beach, cultural spots, great shopping possibilities, super delicious food and the great weather makes me want to hop to Barca every weekend. Also the airport is just 30 minutes away from the city centre which makes you from the airplane to your hotel in a split second. My boyfriend always love to rent a scooter so you can enjoy the great city without wasting time in the underground.

For Dutchies, Paris is the perfect city for a weekend getaway because it’s only around 4 hour drive away and with the train you’re there too in only a few hours. It’s the perfect city to escape reality and stroll around in with your loved. The great food, one cultural madness, amazing shopping possibilities and with the best backdrops it’s just a city you need to visit several times because you’ll find new spots every time.

I’ve never been in Lisbon before but thanks to people around me I’m so obsessed about it now. I only hear super positive things about it and I can’t wait to explore this city soon. With a mix of some beaches, cute architecture, great food and a city centre that makes you want to stroll around for hours makes this city rise high on my travel wish list.

Just like with Lissabon, I’ve never visited Prague before but thanks to some friends of mine I’m quite excited to visited this city too. You can drive, but flying is a great option too for a weekend getaway. I heard the prices for food and drinks are quite cheap which makes it perfect for you when you’re on a budget. Besides this all you can enjoy interesting cultural things and shopping is possible too.

After visiting Barcelona so many times I’m also quite curious about Valencia. Spanish cities attract me and Valencia good become my next summer city trip getaway for 2017. Again, I heard so many great things about this city that I just want to experience it myself. With the perfect mix of beaches, amazing modern architecture, the best spanish food and I heard you can shop there great too.