Howdy, Western Boots!

western boots, sacha shoes

| I’m wearing Sacha western boots (damesschoenen) |
| Asos silky black printed dress |

Western boots. I got asked to show my view on the newest shoe trends and at first I wanted to go for my ultimate favorite sneakers. I saw a pair filled with animals prints combined with a chunky sole and I almost went for that one. But I knew I had to go outside of my comfort zone and go for something different this time. Western boots are a huge trend this season and are perfect for this season filled with festivals and outside activities. Style them together with your favorite dress and you’re ready to go.

For years I worn only ankle boots so going for something higher on the leg was quite new. I also have a weird obsession of thinking my calves being quite big so I was afraid if I even would fit them. Actually, in the end this didn’t caused any problem and the boots fitted me perfect. This time I styled them with one of my favorite long dresses that are super flowy and feminine. Normally I would style them with my sneakers to make it more tomboy but this time the boots are in. To be honest, at first I had to get used to it but in the end I loved it! I truly can’t wait to style it with other skirts and dresses this year.

So when shooting this look I just to had to add my new doggo Fauve in the shot. She’s the cutest and loves the camera already. I can’t wait to shoot more looks with her.