My Favorite Golden Rings

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Gold rings (Dutch: gouden ringen) via | White blouse via

Yes, I’m back from Scotland! We made a mini roadtrip and I was really impressed by the amazing nature and just being offline a lot. I was also happy to shoot
Through the years I have collected my own selection of jewellery pieces and with that I also created my own style. Lately I love to stand out sometimes with color with my clothing but when it comes to jewellery I prefer to go for a more minimalistic style. Personally I’m always in dubio about wheter I prefer gold or silver pieces but for now I can say I’m team gold. It’s just fits perfectly with my skintone and it stays timeless.

Today I’m wearing a selection of My Jewellery rings and they have become my to-go rings I almost wear everyday. What I love about these rings is that they all have a minimalistic and vintage vibe which truly reflects my style. Besides this all I also love that they are all made of of stainless or silver with gold plating which means that the quality is really good. What I love to do these days is expanding my collection every new season and because of their timeless style it’s possible to style everything together.

Stainless steel
One of the great things of the jewellery and rings from My Jewellery is that most of them are made of stainless steel. This means that the jewellery pieces won’t irritate your skin and it’s really good resistant against water and fluids. So it will never happen again that I will forget my rings somewhere after washing my hands. Besides this, I’ve showered and swum in the sea with my stainless steel earrings and necklaces during my tropical holiday and all of the jewellery pieces were in a perfect state. This is just the best for a person like me who often forgets to take off her jewellery.

Silver and gold plated
Besides the stainless steel jewellery I also have a few silver and gold plated pieces that are more delicate and need more care. For example, I prefer to take them off at night and not shower with it of let them in contact with fluids.