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One of my good intentions of this year was traveling more and exploring new places. I’m always into trying something new and glamping was one of the things I wanted to try out for a long time. I’m not a luxury type of girl but during my travels I mostly stayed at hotels or hostels. A more upgraded version of camping sounded something that would fit me perfectly. Being more with nature, back to basics and no internet – sounds good to me!

Finca Les Coves
So I was really glad I got in touch with Anna and her husband Cees who are the fresh new owners of Finca Les Coves in Jijona – just 30 minutes from Alicante. Their accommodation consists of two glamping areas and a guesthouse which are made to relax with 2 to 6 persons. They started this last year and in 2019 they are in the middle of creating even more accommodations. When you follow them on instagram you can see they are creating a cave villa which is perfect for a group of 6 people and extra glamping spaces for 2 to 4 persons. So this year there’s even more for everybody. Personally I was really in the mood for some much-needed rest and just isolate myself from my work and online life. Anna arranged one of the safari tents for me and my boyfriend and this would be our home for the next 5 days. The tent was really spacious for us and with 1 double bed and 2 single beds it also would be perfect for a family to stay at. Besides this we had a lot of privacy (which I find very important) and your own sanitary which makes it all glamping in style.

Our glamping experience
After our first night we woke up with the fresh air around us and homemade smoothies made by Anna. It was the ultimate way to wake up, watch the sun go up and get our vitamines. This is how glamping in Costa Blanca needs to be. The rest of the days we spend relaxing at our tent or pool and exploring the area by just cruising around. From Alicante to Villajoyosa – all breath the Spanish and relaxing vibe! It was so great to spend our days here before peak season because I’m not a big fan of big crowds.

Adults only vs. Kids Friendly
One the best things of Finca Les Coves is the division of having a adults only or kids friendly holiday. During the Spring and Summer holiday (i.e. the 20th of April until the 5th of May and the whole month of July and August) FLC is a kids paradise where they can jump in the pool, jump on the trampoline and play all day long. Outside this holiday season Finca will be a perfect place for adults to enjoy nature, their loved ones or friends in all peace. Besides this; May, June September and October are perfect months to visit Spain because it’s just outside the high-season. Which means it’s less crowded, cheaper flights and the temperatures are still pleasant.

I was always so happy to come back to silence and lots of nature at Finca Les Coves. Besides the delicious smoothies we also had the opportunity to enjoy the cooking of our hosts two times during our stay. Three times a week they serve a 3-course dinner which are optional. For example, during the Italian night we had the best pasta and ended with tiramisu as dessert. The other night it was Mexican and Anna and Cees really showed their skills. From the best nachos to delicious filled tortillas and ending it all with icecream and mojito’s. The food was really good and you can really taste the love for cooking in their dishes. Their skills are on point and absolutely restaurant worthy. For sure I can say that eating dinner at Finca Les Coves is a must! And they best thing, from this year on they will only serve vegan/vegetarian food because of their love for nature and animals.

Anna also told they are busy creating a vegetable garden and hopefully they will also have some chickens and a pig to make it this the ultimate eco friendly glamping destination.

Event: 4 Day Yoga and Wine Retreat (May 30th 2019 until the June 3rd 2019)
This is not something I’ll be attend but I just had to share their very first retreat at Finca Les Coves. Anna created the coolest retreat which will be a combination of  6 yoga sessions, 2 wine tasting, hikes, delicious food, relaxing at the pool and beach and so much more. While writing this down I may consider to book this retreat too. I think it’s the perfect way of enjoying the best things in life, have fun with other cool ladies and put life on pause!

The passion and the love for this place by Anna and Cees is
something that truly inspired me.
I can’t wait to see how FLC will evolve the next few years.

Why book a stay at Finca Les Coves?
+ price/quality is just on point
+ glamping with the best view
+ and only 30 min away from Alicante (airport)
+ a pool and bar to chill
+ waking up with homemade smoothies (made by Anna)
+ possibility to have the best dinner (vegan and/ore vegetarian)
+ they serve the best mojito’s (made by Cees)
+ possibility to relax and be active
+ perfect mix of adult only/kids friendly
+ I fell in love with their cats and dogs (this year I’ll take my own dog with me)

For my Dutch readers:
Ben je nieuwsgierig geworden om ook te verblijven in safaritenten in Spanje of glamping in Spanje dan zou ik Finca Les Coves zeker aanraden. Zelf zou ik er volgend jaar weer terug willen komen en dan juist meer sport activiteiten willen doen. Zoals je kunt lezen is er voor ieder wat wils!

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