My instagram account – @justlikesushi – is a true reflection of my life and where I like to share the highlights of my daily routine. I found out that I truly love to shoot pictures of what I eat because I also like to get inspired by the recipes and food shots of others. Often I need to stop my boyfriend from eating or lunch or dinner because I need to make a picture of our untouched meal. Whoops!

Yes, it all sounds kinda weird but it’s truly so much fun. That’s why I’m also thinking about to make a food section on my blog because lately I love to experiment with new recipes + shooting step-to-step pictures of it. Mostly I try to go for the more healthy meals but sometimes I also like to include a guilty pleasure here and there. Let me know if you’re interested in recipes and food ideas from my side!

– Wraps with avocado, surimi, spinach, tomatoes and japanese mayonnaise –

– Avocado sandwich with chicken, bacon and cheese –

– Summer snack with passionfruit and almonds –

– Martini Blanco with fish snacks at Stijl Maastricht –

– Homemade pizza with salmon, cheese, unions and red peppers –

– Eggs Benedict with Norwegian smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce –