As you could see on my instagram snap I’m totally enjoying the Barcelona life with my boyfriend. The last time, back in March, I ended up in a hospital because I had a severe knee injury and had my entire leg in cast. The last few months weren’t easy so I thought visiting Barcelona again would be the perfecr treat and a way to transform those bad days into good ones. Making new memories! Barcelona has always been one of my favorite cities to visit and personally it’s so good for a short getaway. It’s a city that has everything, from lond beaches to a cultural history. Something for everybody! I truly have homesickness to these amazing city. So for you all who want to have a short getaway to escape daily life – here are a few reason why you need book a trip to Barcelona right away!

Barcelona has everything
It’s a city that has great beaches, has enough stores to shop – from highstreet to designer, delicious food and great spots to hang out and have a drink. Besides this all it also has so many interesting cultural things to bring that no day will be boring

It’s only a 2 hour flight
From the Netherlands it’s only a 2 hours flight to go from Amsterdam to Barcelona airport. Include a 30min taxi drive and you’re in the heart of this city. So within 3 hours you can go from a rainy day to the ultimate summer feeling

Time to relax
Because Barcelona has everything to offer it’s the perfect way to excape reality and just enough life. Only thinking about where to eat and relax next. It’s a great city to enjoy for only a few days which makes it perfect escape.

During this current trip I had an endless list with me with places to eat. Barcelona is quite divers when it comes to food and you can go for tapas to more flexicab food. From super healthy to burgers with extra cheese – all for you to choose from. Soon I’ll share more of my favorite spots to eat.