1. GARANCE DORE / Hello! The queen of blogging ( in my opinion). With her humor, view on life and amazing photography and illustrations (+ stationary collection) she’s high on the ladder of the blogger dynasty. I know, now with a whole team her, I find it a bit less personal than a few years ago. But still…a great inspiration.

2. INTO THE FOLD / I feel so old in comparison with this 17 year old Danish/American who lives in London and knows how to style great looks. And yes, her pictures are also a great inspiration. I know, she mostly posts her own look but her style of writing is really interesting

3. A PAIR & A SPARE / Just like Shini Park she know how to DIY like a true queen. The nice part of her DIY’s is that goes further than only fashion ‘do it yourself’. Have you seen that clothing rack made of two ladders? Just magical! Best thing: she brought out a DIY book so you can go crazy with crafting even more.

4. STYLE SLICKER / Co-writer with Shini Park (of Park&Cube) of the DIY book ‘Adorn’ that came out almost 2 months and a true inspiration when it comes to photography and snap-shotting life. Oh gosh, she is one of the reasons that makes me crave to visit London so bad.

5. THE WANDERLUST / For years I’ve been following this young lady from Norway where she shared all lot of personal stuff combined with outfit look, her travels and so much more. Now she just finished studying in Hawaii (dream location) and is heading back to her home country.

* * *

In between all the style bloggers lately I’m more into blogs that provide more than only their looks and what they wear on a daily basis. I like to read what they do, random thoughts, life tips and how to make life just more fun. I think it has to do with my age and life stage which make me longing for more depth in blogs. So here, a fresh new selection of my current 5 blog crushes…