Whoops! Last month I totally forgot to share my current favorite blog around the world-wide web. Inspiring ladies and guys that I blow me away with their style, view or cool design. But hey, february is in full swing and I better start sharing.
Again, I feel happy to share fellow female bloggers who are super talented and are all unique in their own personal way. Their photography, point of view and making a business of their blogs makes them super inspiring. And yes, don’t forget to show your personal favorite blogs to share. I can’t wait to discover them…

FUSS / First of all. I just can’t get enough of the breathtaking pictures this beauty from India shares on her blog. From travels around the globe to her unique looks share shares with us. She really gives me the urge to hop on a plane to somewhere the palmtrees grow and warm sunrays.

Cocochic / I’ve been following Stephanie for a while now since we were both blogging on CofD. Now, more than a year later she’s still one of my favorites and I’m so happy to see her blogging on her own again. And hey, who doesn’t love that blog design se created herself. Love to see babes showcasing their talent. You go girl!

Lust for Life / Do you recognize this? Looking at a blog of the perfect looking girl living somewhere in her amazing La loft and I’m only wishing we could swap lives. Yeah, keep on dreaming girl. But in the end this girl has been working her ass of on her blog and creative life and that has paid of big time. Get inspired!

Tres Monikh / Besides she’s a super cool Topshop personal stylist she also as a inspiring blog with a style I can truly relate to. Mostly she shows minimal looks with a casual feel and just like me she’s super into monochrome ensembles. Hey, I see style sisters!

Micah Gianneli / This strong lady is by far my number one hair inspiration. I’ve been following for years now and I know she went from long hair, to half bald to a blondie with a short coupe. Her style is most of the time to feminine for me but she inspires mostly with her strong personality and showing to stand out of the crowd.