sunday well spent

I prefer to update my blog almost everyday, but the last 2 days I was a bit of the radar – but for a good cause. Because you may have seen , I redesigned my blog a bit and fixed some errors that were annoying me. It’s cleaner and more me! Let me know what you think of it!

I’m going to keep it short for today because the weather is so damn good today – almost 20 degrees here – and I’m going to enjoy to the fullest right now. Shooting some new looks, having some drinks and  maybe hit the road with the boy in our convertible. Yay! How are you going to spend this ‘sunny’ Sunday?

// Oh, this weather makes me crave for a cold mojito on a terrace.
// I’ve never had to urge to dye my hair in a crazy color but this pink/purple hairdo looks so cute (+ the outfit)
// For months I’m thinking about the get my ear pierced and adding come jewelry pieces. What I’m waiting for ;)
// For years I would the expand my ‘star’ tattoo into something new – maybe a geometric and water-colored one!
// Quote: I see Sunday as a reflection what a week will bring, so spent it well!
// I’m quite obsessed by the new album Girl of Pharrel! It’s on repeat almost everyday…

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