While my body is still my head is somewhere in Spring. Daydreaming about biking around with my favorite music popping out my headphones, brand new sunglasses or wearing that striped top without a coat. All those positive simple things in life I’m looking forward to.A new season also makes me super excited to incorporate some new things in my daily life for that extra excitement. Getting up and knowing you can up to use some of your favorite things at the moment makes life just a little bit easier. Yes, it sound a bit superficial, but aren’t we all bit time to time? Nothing to shame about, right?


1. Happy Plugs / When I’m on the way I just can leave my house without bringing some music. Of course, I can use my normal earplugs but aren’t these rosegold ones always looking like jewel. I want, no I need one of these!

2. Ace & Tate sunglasses / During every season of the year you’ll see me wear them. To protect my eyes, give my look some edgyness or those hide my bags under my eyes

3. Polaroid cube  / With several trips on my list I’ve been looking for a GoPro kind of camera. A few weeks ago  came across this cute cube camera and I’m really considering to get this one. Got one? Please let me know if it’s worth it..

4. Roetz bike / For the last 8 year – I guess – I’m using the same lowrider bike and it’s been my copanion through every season of the year. After all those years this bike isn’t in the state it needs to be so I’m really looking for a new one – including gears! I came across these Roetx bikes and it looks like the perfect bike to bike around in spring, do some groceries and get me to work. This sportif and classic gives me that retro vibe I’ve been looking for. And isn’t it cool al their bikes are made out of old bikes mixed with new materials. Ohh, when is it spring yet?

5. Happy Socks / I can really say I’m addicted to Happy Socks and their variety in socks. It feels like those Pokemon day back in school and I want to catch ‘m all!

6. Comme des Garcons Play striped top / I count this top to the timeless pieces you should have in your wardrobe. Stripes are never out of season and you can style this piece in so many ways – from super casual to Parisian chic.

7. Planner / I’m quite a chaotic person and actually never use  a planner. I know, this sounds like a disaster in full swing. But actually I’m still remember en keep track of my appointments and things I need to do. But with March coming up and exciting events and meetings I’m really I need of a planner. Not a digital, but a real one!

8. Cluse rose gold watch / Can we girls have enough watches? Hmm, I don’t think so. Just like with my shoes, coats, bags I’m creating a collection of watches. As you know I’m a Cluse fan and when I saw this rose gold one I now we are a match made in heaven!