No, I don’t have millions of followers on instagram. Or even several 10k’s to be exact. So maybe I’m not the most representative person to share some instagram tips – oops! On the other hand, lately I’ve been getting emails and nice comments about my feed, so that’s why I’m sharing a few tips with you guys for a color themed instragram feed.

But why do you want to have a color themed instagram feed? I’ve been in contact with other bloggers, companies and brands and what I noticed that all can appreciate a nice feed. For a while I didn’t worked on a themed instagram feed and in the end, as a control freak like me,  it bothered me like crazy – making a feed with the same kind of images gave such a visual satisfied feeling. It also gives me the opportunity to look differently to daily life and shoot instagram worthy images of the things I do during the day.

Sticking to your theme
When I started with my colored themed instagram feed I knew I want to cooperate a lot of whites. But it comparison of that I’m also into darker and bright colors. So that are the key visual elements that are part of my feed. When it comes to subjects I like to share what I eat, how I feel, what I wear and things that inspire me. Starting to think about a few catchwords that will describe your feed gives you that guidance to create the feed you want. Black-white, bright colors, or a lot of white – sticking to your theme is the key!

Quality is key
In my opinion blurred images are a no go for a good feed. I truly love finding amazing instagram feeds of people who’s sharing the most amazing images – from landscapes to fashion photography. You can use the images you make with your camera and put them on your phone with the Dropbox app for high quality images. But the camera of our phones nowadays are also pretty good. I mostly use my Samsung S5 for my images.

Simple things in life
In the end most of the people don’t want to see a picture perfect feed and still want to see the person behind the instagram account. When you’re at home or on the go try to shoot when you can. Of course, not all the time because we are already too much into our phones, but try to look at the simple things in life that makes you happy and share them with other to inspire.

Of course, getting all your colors in the right color theme is the key for a nice feed. When you’re at home or online you can make and find enough pictures that will fit into your feed theme you’re working on. But when you’re outside, enjoying life, not everything you shoot will fit into your feed. That’s why I love editing my pictures afterwards with apps like ‘Afterlight’ to bring more blue, saturate and brighten up the images so it will fit.

Relax and have fun!
Yes, you can take all the advice above super serious but in the end you just need to relax and have fun with posting on instagram. Like I said, I don’t have thousands and thousands of followers but I truly appreciate every follower I have and like to follow my feed. When you have fun doing something it will show and the rest will follow – I promise!

img / queenofjetlags

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