February. The shortest month of all and swiped by in a split second. Great 28 days filled with super happy moments and of course some off days – but hey! we can’t have it all. But overall February was a month of working on cool projects, working my freakin’ ass off and mentally preparing myself for spring. And I much say, march looks quite promising and I’ve got some cool things coming up this week – so keep an eye on the blog!


1. Receiving gifts on Valentines day. I was so thrilled when I found out I received a mysterious package of Elle magazine in context of their love issue of this month.

2. Getting amazed by pretty bildings while biking around Amsterdam. Last week I headed to Amsterdam for several meeting and instead to get the tram I went by bike. When I came across this pretty all pink building I just had to stop and capture it

3. The ultimate me-time while shopping at Love Stories. Of course when I’m in Amsterdam I need to shopping-quality-time and I just had to pay a visit to the Love Stories. I really spend almost my entire afternoon there trying several things – of course i couldn’t leave empty-handed

4. This month was also all about renovating my bedroom. For almost an entire month it feels like I’m camping in my own house. Initially I only wanted to paper just one wall but this resulted in changing everything in our bedroom. From the ceiling to the curtains – the end result will be up really soon.

5. Thanks to working out at least 3 times a week means muscle pain everyday. I can truly say I’m getting addicted by working out and this also means I’m feeling this in my muscles. Getting myself not only fit for the summer – but for the rest of my life!

6. Got champagne delivered by Zalando on Valentinesday. How sweet! After an extreme work-out session on the 14th of February I got home to a big box of Zalando filled with the best ingredients for a late breakfast. Perfect timing!

7.  At least once a month I need my dose of sushi. Because I always stay to my motto – #nevertomuchsushi – I decided to make sushi myself somewhere this month. Interested to get to know how to make it? I’m thinking about sharing my recipe here on my blog.

8. Almost every weekend I made my yummy banana pancakes. I can truly have my ultimate happy moment in the weekend – especially on sunday – while making and eating these delicious banana pancakes.

9. I finally caved in and bought the Calvin Klein bra. Already best buy of the year. Actually I don’t understand why I didn’t buy this (sport) bra way earlier. Is so comfortable and I’m really planning to get more of them! Get them here.